Heaven on Earth – MLMM Photo Challenge #391

Photo Credit Spencer Byles

As she approached the path, her senses imbibed the essence around the beautiful area. Her gifts given to her by nature were escalated and pure. There was nothing she could hate about this sacred place marked with a palisade of vines and boulders. It was like time stood still, and it had that feeling that if you dropped a pin that it would be heard for miles with as peaceful as this place stood.

She fumbled in the pockets of her hooded jacket, unsnapping the button, to grab her cell phone to capture this moment of tranquility. This beautiful destination would make her crave to come back again and again. God and man had studded this path with the beauty of the world within it.

It’s heaven on Earth.

This post was written for my daily word challenges (Daily Spur, #FOWC, #RagtagDailyPrompt, WOTDC, My Vivid Blog, and Your Daily Word Prompt, along with Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie and Three Things Challenge.

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