E.M.’s Friday Fibs – 11/19/2021 – Golf

  1. What is an Arnold Palmer?

    It’s Where’s Waldo’s older brother.
  2. What is a niblick?

    It’s when you cannot decide whether to nibble or lick on your dinner.
  3. What is a mashie?

    It a new dance that is all the rave in the clubs these days.
  4. What’s the difference between a hook and a slice?

    A hook catches the man of your dreams, and a slice means that you have to settle for less by going bowling with the neighbor boy who has no teeth.
  5. What name is given to a single hole score of three under par?

  6. What’s a bogey?

    A very fast jet.
  7. What’s the difference between a regular golf course and an executive golf course?

    The “Clothing is Optional” condition of the course…regular golf courses make you wear all of your clothes.
  8. What unique award is given to the winner of the Masters Tournament?

    A groundhog.
  9. Why do golf balls have dimples?

    Because dimples are better than pimples…
  10. What is the 19th hole?

    It’s like the mile high club in an airplane

This post is for Fibbing Friday. PCGuyIV asked us questions about golf, and these are my fibs.

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