Unlocking that Special Feeling — Intellectual Shaman

Those who feel, that feelings are overrated don’t know the power of a feeling. We feel squashed by the vices of others—tightening, to control. Feeling alive—is so rare a feeling—when we travel to unfamiliar places or believe that we have magic at our fingertips. Music and words come out of us like grandiosity It’s a […]

Unlocking that Special Feeling — Intellectual Shaman

I do not do too many reblogs, but this post spoke to me. Those are the ones I always share with all of you. Feelings are important, and I think that sometimes we forget that other people’s feelings matter as much as our own. Feelings give us life, liberty, power, and tell someone who we are…purely by how we feel about ourselves or our situation. Empathy for others when they share their voice with you is so very important. If we all could feel this feeling that the Intellectual Shaman describes, I think the world we live in would be more desirable.

Love the people that surround you and the world in which you surround yourself. The act of feeling alive and one with the world around you is special. Be sure to run to the post and show this blog some love.

xoxo E.M.