My Gray Hazy Area – No More Madness

Photo by Bailey Alexander (baileyal3xander)
Photo provided by Unsplash

I want to take this moment to allow you to see this world through my eyes. As someone who has just found her direction, it’s important to note that I did not always see the world the way I do now. My mother and father divorced when I was young. I was under five years old, but it’s important to note that they were two completely different people and had different types of views. Both of them were a bit insane in their own ways, and each had their own beliefs that I inherited. The reason this is important is to explain that their influence on my early life brings me to my rebellion of that influence today.

My dad was a Republican, a racist, and a Christian. He embodied each one of these labels, and I think he was proud of the man that he was. My mother is a hypocrite of everything, and she tried to embody all of the labels that I gave my father. The problem is that she is one of the fakest people that I know. That’s a harsh thing to say about your own parents, but it is what it is. They made me live in a mad world that did not exist outside of my own life.

When I got old enough to develop my own beliefs and morals, I could not stand the way my parents thought and believed about God, race, politics, and many other aspects of life. Everything was black and white with them, and life lacked that gray, hazy area where real life exists.

I think the world is a little less mad in this area that I am talking about. The people that exist in this plane of life only see other people, not colors/race, religion, and politics. We see that change is necessary for the world to be less crazy, and we see unity amongst each other that would never exist in a world that is just black or just white.

I remember growing up and seeing people differently because that is how my parents saw other people and other things that happened in the world. Their world was absolutely mad…insane to say the least. It looked a lot like the world we live in now, and I thought that we were better than what we have become. I am sick of living in a mad world. I am ready for a little bit of something else…something that there has never been before…I am ready for a world that sees people.

xoxo, E.M.

This was written for The Daily Spur’s photo prompt.