Today’s Ramble – Neck Pain

In 2013, I was injured while working as an attendant at a gas station. I always make the joke that I was disabled by a 30-pack of beer, but it’s not really that big of a joke. I’ve had to return to the doctor again after having surgery on both my neck and shoulder from a customer not moving a 30-pack of beer within my reach to scan it during checkout. Apparently, the way that my finger grabbed it, dislocated my shoulder and tore my labrum inside of my shoulder. That one painful sensation in one night’s time from one customer’s laziness has led me to two major surgeries in 2016, five (going on six MRIs), and a great deal of pain and suffering.

So, here it is 2021, and I am still having problems with both my neck and shoulder. So, I made an appointment, and I went to see that doctor today. He’s a spine doctor. He’s kind of a jerk, but my last spine doctor was an asshole too…maybe that’s what makes them the best. Who knows? He ordered an MRI of my cervical spine, and I will have to schedule that when they call me. He also prescribed Lyrica to help with the nerve pain at night to allow me to sleep better. I have tried Gabapentin before, and it made me feel the bone-on-bone pain in my shoulder. Wish me luck on that…I will pick it up tomorrow.

I am about to write some more on the novel and on the challenges. I have a few to get done. I am running late today due to this appointment from earlier. Have a great rest of your day or night everyone! Thanks for reading!

xoxo, E.M.