The Music Box

This week’s Story Starter from Fandango is:

There was something about a music box that always made me…

want to have one. I never received one of them in my younger years, but my sister had a white music box that popped up a ballerina in a pretty pink leotard and tutu. I don’t remember where she got it from, but I just knew that I never possessed one. The main thing I remember is that I would wind it up on the bottom with the lid closed, and when it was wound all the way, I would lift the lid slowly, peeking in to watch how it worked. The ballerina would emerge into a spin when I got the lid lifted completely, and I would try to see how far I could close the lid before the music and the dancer would stop.

I am not sure if she still has that little music box, but I think that every little girl should have one. I didn’t realize that until right now, and it makes me want to get one for my girls on Christmas this year, as well as one for my granddaughter. Music boxes are timeless, so it would be a great gift for all of them.

xoxo, E.M.

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