Paradise Found – FFFC #143 and Wordle #265

The image above is from the Google Photo Frame.

Jerri looked out of the window at the vacation condo that she escaped to, and the view was amazing. She saw the steep mountains in the distance as the wood of the landscape hugged the view from her window. They were so far away, but she could still see the grade marks put onto them by the environment. They were absolutely gorgeous. It was one of those scenic views that she had only seen in those antique, framed pictures that you find at estate sales for a fifty-cent piece, or like the ones that are resting on the walls of hotels that were in the cities.

To the right of her window, there were some flowering plants growing on the tall trees, and to the left, there were some ancient palms that had collected a few vines throughout the years. She wondered if the birds in the distance would obtain enough bravery to visit her window, even the parrot soaring above brought her a feeling of colossal happiness. She began recording all of the beautiful scenery until she felt a bump on her leg.

At her feet, her companion brushed up against her leg. It was her Siamese cat named Bruce, and he was due an adventure to the paradise Jerri had just found. He was her best friend, and she did not have anyone to take care of him while she escaped. Bruce used his back legs to bounce up into the window sill. He was brawny for a cat and very sturdy. He seemed to be enjoying the natural essence of the getaway.

Jerri and Bruce took a seat near the open window, and she took a deep breath while petting the feline posted up on her lap. She found paradise, and the feline did too. The worries in her mind were zilch. It was a good day.

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