Protest – E.M.’s Stream of Consciousness 11/6/2021

For the Saturday Stream of Consciousness, Linda Hill asks us to “close eyes and point” to gather the inspiration for this week’s #SoCS. I chose my ACLU Magazine, and I turned it to a random page with my eyes close and pointed in the center of the 2nd open page. My finger landed on the words “to Protest”.

I have not talked about it much on my blog so far, but I am actually a big activist in my community. I am the county chair of my local ACLU chapter, and I have actively participated in rallies and candlelight vigils in my local area. The great thing about graduating was that I found my voice throughout my year and a half in college. If I had not pursued the degrees that I did, I don’t know that I would have ever found that voice inside of me to fight for civil rights, and for that, I am truly proud of myself and who I have become.

I love a good protest that is calm and effective, and I look forward to involving myself in more of them since I am beginning to feel better.

xoxo, E.M.

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