Sebastian’s Story – Part 13 – Brooke Deville

The oldest sister, Brooke, was best friends with Davina through school and it continued after she married Cole until her sudden death. She was a free spirit, and the popular girl who associated with everyone, regardless of what social class that a person belonged to. She and Finn were the model high school couple, and everyone strived to find what they had. Clara and Emily were the younger two girls of the family, and Clara was the brainiac activist, while Emily was an absolute mess. Eight kids and three families were all intertwined together, but no one knew how the Devilles became the people that Finn and Davina’s families would learn to fear.

“Be a dear, Brooke…head across the street and introduce yourself to the Marlow boy,” Megan said in an order to her daughter. “He’s quite handsome, and you need to meet some new people.”

Brooke rolled her green eyes at her pushy mother and flipped her hair to show Megan that she did not appreciate her butting into her social life. “I will when I am ready. I’m not one of your sluts, Mother.  You cannot just order me to go meet boys.”

Megan’s face turned bright red with anger. “Just do it. I need to know who these people are, and you are going to take your ass over there and do what I say!”

Brooke huffed at her mother. She was only fifteen years old, and her mother was basically trying to pimp her out to the boy next door, even though it was across the street. “Whatever!” Brooke responded as she gathered up her coach purse she got for her birthday. “I really do hate you.”

She slammed the front door of the big house as she left, and Davina was in her front yard writing in a leather notebook while swinging on the porch swing. Brooke waved to her and smiled. Davina returned the smile as she looked up from her book and waved with the few fingers that were not gripping the journal.

Brooke continued walking toward the front door of the Marlow house, and Davina put down her book watching the beautiful red-haired girl. She wondered who she was and what she was doing, so she got up and followed her across the street.

“Hey, what’s up?” Davina playfully tapped upon Brooke on her shoulder, startling her a bit.

“Oh…it’s you. Hi.” Brooke’s facial expression told Davina that she was not expecting anyone to be behind her.

“I’m Davina. Your mom met my mom the other day.”

“I’m Brooke. I don’t want to be here, but my mom sent me over here. Are they nice?” Brooke was referring to the Marlow family, of course.

“Yeah, Finn is pretty cool. He’s good people. How come you are doing something you do not wanna do?” Davina probed for more information. She was a curious girl.

“She is just annoying. It’s a long story, but we don’t get along very well. I’m not what she wants me to be.” Brooke flips her red hair behind her shoulder. “Will you come up to the door with me?”

“Of course! I don’t mind. I need to talk to Finn anyway.” Davina said as she escorted the new girl to the solid red door and rang the doorbell.

The door opened with a tall, dark-haired boy standing before them. It was Finn. “Hey, Davina. Who’s this?” He looks at Brooke with a pleasant grin.

The was the first time Brooke had ever been happy about her mother meddling in her life because in her eyes he was the most handsome boy she had ever come by. His eyes were a beautiful amber color, and he was in great shape…muscles formed a six-pack along the waist of his pants. They were just kids, but she felt like she had just met her forever when he opened the door.

Davina giggled to herself. “Finn is your mom around? My mom wanted me to ask you if she would be going to your game on Friday. She’s off, so she wanted to hang out.”

“Come on in.” He gestured. Brooke was not sure the invitation was directed at her too, so she stood there blushing for the moment. “You too…” he paused because he did not know her name.

“Brooke. I am Brooke.” She was stumbling over her words a little.

“Okay, Brooke.” He winked. “It’s nice to meet you. Come in.”

She smiled up at him and followed him in the red door. He was wearing his football jersey, and the number “12” hugged his strong back. He looked back at her with a grin that reached from ear to ear, and it was from that moment that the two of them were inseparable. They spent a large majority of their time together, especially after cheerleading tryouts. It did not take her long to find her way, and Finn helped her find her place as one of the new girls.

Finn was the star athlete on the football team, and Brooke became the queen of the pep squad. They were the usual prom king and queen for their high school roles, but they were nice to everyone. Brooke was not the typical mean girl cheerleader. She loved people and had a great heart. Their relationship broke the mold of what most people see as the jock that dated the head cheerleader. No one could contain their benevolent desires to help people, regardless of status.

Brooke and Davina would share time at both houses, and Megan loved both her daughter and Davina, at least it seemed…for the most part. Megan was very opinionated, and she did not have a filter…which could possibly be why she and Davina clicked so well back in the early days. Fiona was welcoming to Brooke, and she took up the slack for Megan’s poor parenting skills when it came to Brooke. She was worrisome when it came to Davina spending time around Megan later on in the friendship.

“So, Davina…how’s your mom doing? It must be hard for her since your father is not around to help out.” Megan was being her normal mean self.

“My mom is always good,” Davina replies condescendingly.

Megan’s eyes lit up. “A little fire in that soul…hmm. Who would have thought? Brooke, you should take lessons from your new friend.”

Brooke ignored her. “C’mon Davina…it’s not so crowded in my room.” She put emphasis on her mother being the crowd.

“See ya later, Ms. Deville.” Davina smiled as she was drug away from Megan by Brooke.

Brooke despised that her mother would always try to stick her nose in their business when they were talking about boys or things they wanted to do on the weekends. Brooke and Megan’s relationship was not good and was full of turmoil, and Fiona always thought that Megan saw Davina as the daughter she wished that Brooke would have been. Davina was very outspoken and bold, while Brooke was more relaxed and caring. Davina had a dark side about her. By the time graduation came along, Brooke had completely detached from her mother’s grips, but the disdain that she felt for her mother is what got her killed.

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