My Friday Fibbing – 11/5/2021

Fridays are my favorite on my blog because of some really cool prompts and activities, especially this activity of fibbing. Pensitivity101 is hosting today’s Fibbing Friday, and you can join in by clicking here.

  1. Where did Fireworks originate?

    It was made from the unstable material known as Wildfire from the Game of Thrones.
  2. What gives fireworks their colour?

    Dragon’s breath
  3. What does PGI stand for?

    Poo Gets Ignited
  4. What is the difference between a Firework and a Firecracker?

    A firework is made of Lannister blood and dragon’s breath, and firecrackers are made of ghost pepper infused crackers.
  5. Which country uses fireworks on August 20th to mark it National Celebration Day?

    King’s Landing
  6. What is a sparkler?

    A Westeros themed mimosa…
  7. Who is the largest manufacturer and exporter of fireworks in the world?

    The Daenerys Targaryen Firework Factory
  8. To what does baozhang refer?

    It’s a Mandarin boomerang.
  9. Who composed Music for The Royal Fireworks?

    Steve Miller Band
  10. What is a Chocolate Bomb?

    An Oompah Loompa’s fart

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