Sebastian’s Story – Part 12 – Megan Deville

Fiona had no desire to get to know them at first, but Corbin and Megan Deville were high society figures that were invested in many of the local events in the town in a short amount of time. The community saw them as a power couple and their children were stood on a pedestal and dubbed “good kids with a wholesome family unit.”

She remembered it was not until later that everyone in the circle and the community began seeing the avarice in their hearts. It was not always that way though. They were positive figures in the neighborhood and within the community in the beginning.  When they moved into the neighborhood, everyone liked them. They pretended to like everyone else, but it was all a ruse to hide their evildoings. As Fiona fixed dinner, she reflected on the first time she met Megan Deville.

“Hello, my new neighbor!” Megan had walked over to Fiona while she was grabbing the grocery bags from her car.

When Fiona turned around, she saw a new face standing there. The lady was a beautiful woman with auburn hair and green eyes, and she dressed like a celebrity…fancy clothes, not mom clothes. Ms. Deville was flamboyant and confident from the first moment that words were exchanged between them.

“Yeah…hi…you must be living in the Shackleford house next door.” Fiona was caught off guard with Megan’s arrival behind her. Her cheeks flushed with red from the surprise.

“Well…not a Shackleford house anymore. Megan. Megan Deville is my name. And you are?” She pressed her hand forward to shake Fiona’s hand, which was holding a packed paper bag of groceries.

“Fiona…Ridings.” Fiona paused awkwardly and continued, “Yep. That’s my name. Apologies for not making it over sooner to meet you. I have been a little under the weather.” She rolled her eyes a bit but caught herself doing it as she shuffled her groceries around.

Megan’s appearance was a little plastic. It reminded Fiona of a Barbie doll. It seemed unnatural and fake, but she tried to be nice to the new neighbor. The first impression was not a good one. Fiona just wanted to get inside and put down the heavy bags. When she saw Georgia running over from across the street, she opened up the door to her truck and placed the bags down.

Georgia Marlow lived across the street and saw her friend struggling with the groceries and ran over to help. “Fi…You should have called me. I would have sent Finn over to help with the groceries.” She smiled at Megan sarcastically and glared over to the new girl on the block. “I’m Georgia. You’re new.”

“Megan. Deville. I live next door.” She was pretentious to Georgia, and it was a tense conversation for all three ladies. “My children and I were hoping there would be other kids their age around. They had to leave all their friends behind in the move.”

Megan filled the ladies in on her kids. Corbin and Megan had six children, three boys and three girls. The oldest of the boys, Cole, was an athlete and had grown up with Finn on the football team. They were great friends. The two younger boys, Clay and Calvin, were away at boarding school most of the year, and they would only come home on a few weekends and holidays here and there. The girls, Cole’s sisters, stayed close to home, and they were guarded better than a pirate’s treasure.

“Wow, six kids…I have one. A daughter. She should be home soon.” Fiona finally set her groceries on the driver’s seat of her truck.

“Mhm. We wanted a large family because both my husband and I came from big families. How about you Georgia?” Megan fiddled with the knot on her crop top as she turned her attention to Fiona’s friend.

“Three boys…Finn and the twins.” Georgia reluctantly answered. There was something about Megan she already did not like or care for.

Megan kept talking about her offspring. “Maybe we can set up a day for most of mine to meet yours. The younger boys will be home for Thanksgiving, so that introduction will have to be delayed. The girls will be ecstatic to meet new people, and Cole is quite charming as well.”

She sounded like she was trying to solicit them to Fiona and Georgia. It was strange. It made them uncomfortable at first. Megan was not a character that they had encountered before. They were not used to dealing with a woman who would behave the way Megan did…like her children were bargaining chips in a poker game.

“Where did you say you moved from again?” Georgia asked.

“I didn’t…but since you asked, we moved here for California…the Bay Area,” Megan said with a cynical tone.

Georgia and Fiona glanced at each other and giggled a bit. Their neighborhood was middle-class income, and it was located right off the frontage road of the interstate.

Georgia inquired further by asking, “Fancy. How did you end up here?”

“Business. My husband runs a lucrative corporation. He’s an investor.” Megan was reluctant to give more information. Fiona felt like Megan was being less than forthcoming with who she was and what she did, but Georgia knew there was something wrong with this woman.

“I should get my groceries in the house before they spoil.” Fiona grabbed the bags from her truck seat again. “Georgia, can you help me? And Megan, it was nice to meet you.”

“Of course. Until next time girls…I’ll be in touch.” Megan flaunted the huge wedding ring on her finger as she waved herself on.

Georgia and Fiona grabbed up the rest of the groceries and headed into the house. “What a strange woman, and I am not sure that I even like her…,” said Georgia while glancing out the window that faced the Deville’s home.

“You got that right.” Fiona shook her head as she unpacked her food from the brown paper bags from the IGA.

The relationship between the three women grew with the intertwining of relationships between their children, but it was not something that came easily when it came to the friendship between the three different personalities of the women that raised those children. They had made somewhat of an oath between them to always stick together for the sake of the children, but as Fiona looked back, she wished she would have pushed Megan out of her life.

As Fiona dabbled around in the kitchen with food for her, Sebastian, and Finn, she thought about all the time spent together with Finn and Cole’s mothers. She was often the soft-spoken, awkward one in the circle. She had dark hair and dressed like a thrift shop on feet. She always went shopping at the second-hand store and never bought herself anything new. Nursing school was expensive.

Later, and after that first meeting, Georgia, along with Fiona and Megan, spent a lot of time at school events that they all organized together. They were all members of the Pulaski County Parent-Teacher Association. Megan was the Chairperson, of course. Georgia was the treasurer, and Fiona kept the records as the secretary of the group. Georgia and Fiona also had 9 to 5 jobs to get the bills paid along with organizing events for their children at the school. They were not in the same societal bracket as their friend, but it did not seem to matter until all the kids had graduated out of high school and PTA meetings were no longer an element of their friendship. Without that connection, the relationships dwindled between the three women, except Georgia and Fiona stayed close. They shut Megan out, and it made her furious. That’s when she started grooming Davina.

With that though giving Fiona a shudder, she called Finn and Sebastian to have some of the dinner she had tossed together. Most of the time, she would repress her memories of that terrible family, but with Davina gone, they were all coming back in full force.

“Come on boys! Grub is done.” Fiona shouted into the living room from the kitchen.

Finn was the first to the table and saw a nice spread of Italian food that Fiona had whipped up, “This looks great. Thank you!”

Behind him, Sebastian trotted sweetly to the table and hopped up into his booster seat with the help of his Gammy. Klaus always found his way under the table to catch the scraps that his friend would drop for him.

Fiona decided to ask, “How were cars and playtime?”

Sebastian smiled at Finn, and said, “Now Mr. Finn knows all the secrets.”

Fiona smiled at Finn and gave him a thankful nod, and he returned the gratitude back to her.

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