Sebastian’s Story – Part 10 – The Secrets

­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­­Fiona came back from her shower with puffy eyes from bawling as the warm water smacked her face, but she felt a little better. So much had happened that she did not remember the last time that she had a good, long shower.  Sebastian was happy to see her, and Klaus greeted her at the couch with a puppy kiss on her cheek as she sat down.  She had been crying in the shower, and she stayed in there long enough to gather herself better.  She had to be strong for Sebastian. 

“Gammy, are you sad like Mr. Finn?”

“I am baby…I miss your mommy.” Fiona’s eyes filled with tears yet again.

“Me too, Gammy.” Sebastian tried to console Fiona by patting softly on her leg. “We be okay.  Mommy looks down like Auntie Brooke.”  He smiled so sweetly that Fiona could have sworn she felt her heart break a little.

She ached for his loss, and she wished she could forget Cole and his family.  So much had changed since their lives became intertwined with them. Finn caught a tear with his finger. Hearing Brooke’s name spoken again brought back more memories of Deville despair.

She looked over at a grim face from Finn and felt bad that he could see her sadness and mourning. She could tell those memories were flooding the detective’s mind. His memories were frozen in the past. He had lost so much, and this had to be hard on him like it was for her and Sebastian.  Sebastian was managing things in his own way, and she supposed that Finn also had his own way of dealing with losing his friend. The loss of Davina took another jab at the heart of the tall, dark-haired, sturdy detective. There was no way in hell he could ever be content with the things that the Devilles had always gotten away with, and this was going to be the last straw.

Finn spoke to Sebastian about his aunt, and said, “I loved your Auntie Brook the whole moon and the stars, Sebastian. I know she is watching over you. She and your mommy are more than likely having an absolute blast in heaven. They were best friends. Did you know that?”

“Mhm, Mommy told me all their secrets…” He giggled aloud, and Fiona and Finn could just return the laughs to one another at Sebastian’s amusement at being the secret keeper.

“Is that right?” Finn said playfully, “I wish I knew all their secrets.  You should feel incredibly special to know them.” 

He hoped that Sebastian would spill all the beans and tell them these secrets. He thought for a moment that Davina might have told him everything for that purpose…but he did not want to assume.  He just continued laughing with Sebastian for the moment, but Fiona must have had the same idea.

Fiona asked, “What kind of secrets sweetie?  We promise not to tell anyone.  Mommy may have told you something that we need to know now that she and Auntie Brooke aren’t here anymore.”

“Nope! I cannot tell anyone.  We pinky swear.” Sebastian giggled yet again. “Klaus, tell Gammy the rule. Secrets saves lives.”

It was an odd thing for a little boy to say. It only made Fiona and the detective more curious about these secrets. It was possible that Davina speculated inside her mind that he would not be able to keep the secrets forever, so she prepared him.  She would have wanted to arm him with information, especially after she declined an invitation from Megan to join the family business.

Fiona sat down with Sebastian on the floor, and Klaus jumped on her lap.  Finn followed and sat with his legs crossed next to Fiona. This was going to be one of the hardest interrogations that I’ve ever conducted, Finn thought to himself.  He felt bad for thinking the thought of interrogating a three-year-old, but he needed to know those secrets.

“Miss Fiona…if it’s okay…do you mind if I talk to him for a little bit.”

“I think that would be okay…how about you Sebastian? Do you want to play with Detective Marlow for a little bit?”

Sebastian smiled at his Gammy. “Sure. We can play with the cars since he’s a boy. Momma would think it’s fun for me to play wif Mr. Finn.”

“Okay then, you boys have fun playing cars, and I will go make us some food.” Fiona stood up and exited the living room flashing Finn a thumbs up. 

Finn gave a friendly nod and picked his favorite car.

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