Sebastian’s Story – Part 7

Sebastian was having the time of his life with Sharon’s daughter, Jenna.  They were just months apart in age, and he always had a great time playing with her.  He smiled when Gammy walked through the door, and he jumped up from playing cards on the floor with his friend to give Fiona the biggest hug.

“I missed you, Gammy.  Mommy home?”  He was so cheerful.

He was still hanging onto her really tight and could not see Fiona’s grimace when he asked her the one question she wanted to avoid. What will I even say to him, she thought to inside her perplexed mind.  Everything was okay yesterday, and everything felt broken today.  She had no idea what tomorrow would bring.  Last week her daughter was living and breathing by the grace of God, and now Davina was gone…never coming back.  I have no idea how to answer that question, she thought even deeper.

“Not yet, sweetheart…hopefully we will hear from someone soon,” Fiona answered regretfully.

“Okay Gammy, can I still plays with Jenna?”

“Sorry, but we have to go for now, but we will see Jenna real soon, okay?” She spoke and gathered Sebastian’s belongings as she replied. “Here now… let’s get your coat on, and I want to introduce you to a friend when we get out to the car.”

Sebastian smiled sweetly and nodded while taking Fiona’s hand in his own.  She wanted to hold his hand forever and not let go.  He skipped to the door and opened it up.  Detective Marlow was there leaned up against the unmarked police car.  Marlow smiled at Sebastian and opened the back passenger side door for the little boy and Fiona.  Fiona met Marlow with sad eyes as she ducked inside the door. 

She did not know how to tell Sebastian what was going on, and she needed to find a way to tell this boy that all he had left was her.  She could not let him see that she was hurting from her earlier visit to the morgue.  He was such a sweet child, and Fiona was glad that he did not sense any danger or despair coming from the situation that they were in. She would pray for him each time that she had to rescue him and Davina away from Cole in the early abuse.  Hell, she prayed for them both and herself.  The Deville family was sinister, and Cole was like a boogeyman to Sebastian after witnessing all the abuse of his mother and suffering some of the abuse himself.  He’d been through so much at such a young age.  Fiona always hoped it would be possible for him not to remember his father at all, but that was wishful thinking.

It had only been an hour since seeing Davina laying on the examiner’s table, and the thought was haunting in the mind of Fiona.  No one should ever have to see their baby laying on a table like that…dead and cold.  In college, she had to deal with seeing cadavers for certain classes, especially her anatomy class, and it was always such a heavy feeling in her soul.  She was not fond of working on dead flesh.  As no one would enjoy that unless they were insane or a necrophiliac.  Eww…gross, she thought as her mind wandered for that moment.  Her anatomy teacher would always meet her work with esteem and since she was top of her class, and she worked harder than most.  With Fiona being such a huge influence in Davina’s life, she had come by her work ethic honestly, and now she was just gone…no longer living…a solo body on a sterilized metal table.

Chapter 4

Sebastian sat on the seat of the police cruiser looking around curiously at all the differences between the back seat of the Corolla that Davina drove and that of Marlow’s police vehicle. He observed his surroundings in a different manner than most 3-year-olds, but on the other hand, everything was an adventure for him.  He was very advanced when it came to his intellect.  Fiona always figured that all of the reading Davina and Sebastian embarked upon on her days off contributed to his heightened level of learning.

“Hey, mister…we go see momma now?”

Detective Marlow looked at Fiona in the rear-view mirror, and he too could not find words to say to the curious boy.  He looked back at the road and continued driving for the moment.

“Umm, not yet Sebastian.  We have a few stops to make.” Marlow stated carefully.  Fiona noticed how uncomfortable he was lying to Davina’s sweet son.

“Sebastian, we may not see Mommy for a while because she is visiting Auntie Brooke…”, she spoke softly with a tear pouring out of the inside corner of her eye.

“But…Auntie Brooke is in heaven, Gammy.  Mommy went to heavens?”

The look on his face was painful to look at, and the sound of his voice brought more tears to her eyes.  His tiny heart was breaking right before Fiona’s eyes, and there was nothing she could do about it but allow him to feel his pain.  She would sell her soul for him if it would make him not experience this loss.  Then, as she cleared her thoughts, he gripped her hand tight and let out a cry that she had never heard from him before.  She unbuckled his seatbelt and pulled him onto her lap hugging him tightly as he let it all out. 

“It’s okay sweet boy…Gammy’s got you.  Gammy’s got you.”  Fiona spoke softly in his ear as she rocked him in her lap in the back of the Caprice police car.

Detective Marlow also found a tear falling down his cheek feeling the pain of a child losing his mother.  Marlow could relate to the feeling.  It’s why he pursued a career in law enforcement in the first place…his mother’s murder.  He thought on that for a second or two, and it brought back so many memories of growing up with Cole Deville.  They were best friends in high school, and their mothers were best friends as well.  He grew up knowing that Cole’s family was different, but he never thought that his mother would suffer her death due to the friendship.  He could not permit this family to get away without punishment any longer. 

He tapped his finger on the steering wheel as he drove through the first snow of the season, and the roads were getting hard to navigate.  Upon the left side of the highway, their road finally revealed itself through the hard pour of snow, and he turned in to head down to the family’s home.  It was down a long gravel lane that was hugged with ancient-looking trees.  It was a natural canopy of trees above them, and you couldn’t see through to the road once you got into the thick of them.  In the clearing, after passing the trees, was the cutest little cottage with big windows.  They were home.  No Davina. 

They could hear Klaus barking excitedly as they walked up to the door.  Marlow secured the location, and they all went inside. 

It would be a week before the city could permit the family to have the funeral because of the autopsy and the investigation, so until then they had to sit tight for a little while.  Sebastian went straight to his dog.

“Klaus, I missed you!” Sebastian said as he hugged his little dog so tight. “Mommy is in heaven with Auntie Brooke…I’ll feeds you now.”

Fiona and Detective Marlow looked at one another with sorrow, but they smiled down to see Sebastian confiding in his best friend. 

“Tomorrow’s another day…”, Fiona said to the detective.

Finn Marlow nodded in agreement, “Indeed.  I’ll put some more units around the area for protection.  I’ll keep you safe.”

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