E.M.’s Movie Truths – Truthful Tuesday 10/26/21

Each Tuesday of every week, PCGuyIV hosts a prompt called Truthful Tuesday, and he poses a question to gain our versions of the truth. This week the question is about movies.

The Question

Have you been to any movies that you absolutely expected to enjoy, but ended up hating? Or perhaps you went begrudgingly to a film with someone else and ended up enjoying it despite your expectations? Let us know about a time when a movie defied your expectations. What made it better or worse than expected?

My Answer

For the majority of my life, I avoided any movies related to Marvel and DC Comics because I honestly did not think I would like them. I had never been a fan of comic books when I was growing up, so I figured that the movies would be just as boring to me. I was absolutely wrong.

My sister suggested we watch all of the movies from Marvel and DC in order from start to finish, and I was hooked. I loved all of the action and storylines. I found that I loved some characters more than others, as well as making some of them my favorites. Dr. Strange and Captain Marvel exceeded my expectations and became my top two superheroes.

Dr. Strange’s story and powers, along with his magic cape, made me love him, and Captain Marvel made many of the stories make more sense to me when I watched her story. It was all clarifying after watching that movie.

Would you believe that I cannot think of a movie that I have watched that I hated? I am a pretty good movie picker. If I had to choose one that I thought I would like but didn’t care for, it would be the Scream movies. They were just stupid lol.

xoxo, E.M.

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