Sebastian’s Story – Part 5 FFFC #141

Chapter 2

The lights flashed atop the officer’s vehicle, a blue and white Caprice, as he exited it.  He looked around in caution, as most do in that profession, and the young officer approached Fiona’s driver-side window as she rolled it down with her hand quickly.  She had been fidgeting with the pearl-looking button on her blouse, so much so that it was now loose.  Her nerves were spent, and she was absolutely terrified as to what could have happened to Davina.  As the officer approached the open door of the Corolla, with gun drawn, Fiona’s anxiety intensified. 

“It’s empty ma’am, except a jacket on the passenger seat”, he said in a holler across the alley.

The officer looked as perplexed as Fiona felt. She needed to know where her daughter was. It had not been 24 hours yet, so she couldn’t even report her missing.

“Ma’am, I didn’t see anything indicating a struggle or anything like that. Do you have any reason to think anyone would want to hurt her?”

“Yessir…her ex is a monster, and we are all in protection due to his abuse of her.”

“I see…There is nothing I can do right now, except tell you to go home and check to see if she has made it home yet. How long has she been gone?”

“We haven’t seen her since early this morning, Sir.”, Fiona said while fidgeting with the bottom of her blouse. “She left for work, and we haven’t seen her since then.”

“So, right now, there’s nothing I can do until she’s been gone 24 hours. After 24 hours you can report her missing. I’m sorry there isn’t anything more I can do right now. If you have a spare set of keys, I would lock up her car and head home for the night. Call me when you need to file the report, and I will come out to the house.”

He handed her a business card with his contact information, shook her head, and they parted ways.

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Fiona came home to an empty house, and she was a bit depressed. Klaus met her at the door with his tail wagging excitedly. She gave him a few pets and head into the kitchen to have a look around. She had left quite a mess after dinner, and she really didn’t want to mess with it right at that moment. Instead, she wandered over to the window to clear her mind, and she was trying to hold herself together. It had not been 24 hours, but she felt as if it had been a week that she had not seen her sweet daughter. With Sebastian hanging out at Sharon’s house, the house they all shared together felt very empty and quiet. Too quiet, she thought. She pulled at the fob holding her father’s old watch, and time was moving too slow.

It had only been an hour since talking to the officer, and she still had several hours to go before she could call him. She wanted to think that Davina would walk through the door at any moment, but she had that feeling in her gut that something bad had happened. Thoughts are sometimes the worst elements in a situation like this, and Fiona was going out of her mind worrying. She called Sharon to check on Sebastian, and he was doing good and unaffected, thankfully. She looked around the house while glancing out the window now and then, but no one was coming. She was in this new old house all alone, without her family, and her heart was racing with sadness.

Things had been better since they relocated to the new house. After they all had moved, they were able to sell the house to a family member that needed it. It wasn’t safe to put it on the market. Cole moved into the house after he and Davina were married, so he had no claims on the mortgage. They felt safe for the longest time after moving to Indiana from Arkansas. The landscape was different, but Fiona had really enjoyed exploring a new area in the worst of times. She hated having to hide and leave her old life behind, but she would do anything to keep Davina safe from Cole. He was an absolute monster, and Sebastian was not safe around him.

Cole hit them both, and there were many instances that both Sebastian and Davina ended up in the emergency room with freak “accidents”. When Davina finally reached out for help, it was after he had pushed her down a whole flight of stairs. She was rushed by ambulance to the same emergency room they always had to visit, and a nurse that worked with Fiona assisted them in getting away. The abuse was kenspeckle to everyone around Davina and Cole, but this nurse was the first one to lend aid to them after being assigned as a nurse on this visit to the hospital. Aurora was her name, Fiona remembered, as she gazed over to the table and saw Davina’s notebook on the telephone table.

The notebook was where Davina would write down all her feelings, dreams, and such. It was like a diary, but she used it to keep herself occupied when there was too much weighing her down. She was a talented writer of poetry and the like, but she was also good with metaphysical things. She would write down spells, crystals, minerals, etc., and it was like a book of shadows in that respect. It kept her mind clear to keep pushing forward and kept her grounded. All of the deceit and abuse she had suffered from while being with Cole, she wrote about in this journal. Fiona had never read it, and she didn’t want to now. However, what if she had seen him or something else and written it down. She had to look. She had to invade that privacy. She took the book to the kitchen table, grabbed a drink of water, and began to read towards the end of the pages that were written on. The first words that Fiona read were, “He found us…”.

This was written for Fandango’s Flash Fiction #141.

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