Happy Saturday: Diagnosis

I was going to fill you all in when I got out of my session yesterday, but I think I was in a bit of shock. I got a new diagnosis, and it made more sense to me while still having a hard time accepting it.

I have Bipolar Disorder with manic depression and severe anxiety. I am not sure which type that is, but the Doctor A felt that it’s pretty severe.

We clicked well, and she was easy to talk to. She prescribed new meds, and I have to go get blood work done before she starts me on the bipolar meds. I’m always scared to take meds to feel normal, but I cannot keep feeling crazy either. My previous therapist had taught me some skills to help me when I spiral, but those stopped working for me.

I will definitely be writing more for prompts and challenges today, so some of my feelings will probably come out in those. It will be staggered though with errands and football games. I am quite the football junkie lol.

I hope you are all doing okay! Do you watch any football? How’s your day going so far?

xoxo, E.M.

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    1. I watch NFL and NCAA football, and my favorite team in NFL is the New Orleans Saints. I have a few college teams in the NCAA that I root for. My two main college teams are Alabama and Louisiana State University. Thank you for the follow and the interaction!


        1. Thank you! I was on Prozac a long time ago when I first figured out that I had mental health issues, but I had a problem with them after about 8 months. My body works really weird on psych meds. They will work great, and then I spiral harder than when I started taking them after about 6-8 months. This is the first time I have actually had a psychiatrist, so I am hoping that will make the difference. I am sure before that they needed adjustment, and the doctors I have had did not specialize in mental health. I am crossing my fingers. I really like feeling better and not living with so much darkness all the time. xxoo

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