E.M.’s Answer to #FPQ #139

Fandango’s Provocative Question this week is:

Do you consider yourself today to be more of a spontaneous person or more of a stable person? Which characteristic in others, spontaneity or stability, do you prefer? Why?

My answer is:

I am what some would call a hot mess at times and stable at other times. Sometimes I am very spontaneous when it comes to going on trips or making a romantic night out (in the past…since I am flying solo these days). I hate when I have a day planned out and something comes up spontaneous that makes me miss out on the plans that I have made. Drastic changes that come up immediately make me very uncomfortable and anxious. I guess the easy answer is that I like to have control of my life at all times because it’s the only thing I have that is my own.

I would rather be stable all of the time, but spontaneity does happen against my better judgments lol.

A good example is the drastic decision to move to Arkansas from California. Everything broke as we planned the move, and now I am staying put and trying to put my best foot forward. The move was spontaneous and made me uncomfortable, but it was one of those situations where I had to choose my battles. I lost both of those battles, and I am still here writing in order to feel stable.

When it comes to other people, I prefer stability because I am such a hot mess all in my own respect.

xoxo, E.M.


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