Share Your World – E.M. Style – 10/11/2021 Prompt

Melanie B. Cee hosts a prompt of questions that allows us to share how we see the world according to the questions. This is my first share on this prompt *smiles*. Here are my Share Your World answers:

What is the scariest game (board or on-line) you ever may have played?

I have a couple scary games, one board and one online). The first one is not a game but some treat it as such, and that “game” is Ouija. When I was a young girl, me and my best friend, Janet, dabbled around with one, and it almost ruined both of our lives. There is nothing good behind the Ouija. The second game is online and called Dead By Daylight. If you have never played it, serial killers hunt you are you become the hunter. The goal is to start the generators to open the door to escape before the killer gets you and hangs you on a meat hook.

What’s just ‘over the rainbow” for you?

I wish I knew. There’s not many rainbows in the Valley because it hardly rains. If I had to guess, there would be little men with pitchforks awaiting my arrival lol.

Do you have to watch something upbeat after watching a suspense or horror movie so you can go to sleep?

I cannot watch horror movies at all. It does not matter the time of day I watch them…always end up with night terrors if I watch something scary.

Is there intent behind every action?

Usually, yes. Everybody wants something in return…unfortunately.

GRATITUDE SECTION  (as always, optional)

I am thankful for having so many fellow bloggers that read and interact with my posts, and I am thankful that I am not alone because of all of you.