E.M.’s October 1st Fibs

It’s that time again for me to tell my delusional depictions of PCGuyIV and Pensitivity’s Fibbing Friday. It was a really cool cinematic/broadway theme. I hope you all enjoy my fibs *giggles*…because it was nice to take a break from packing and come up with my crazy answers.

  1. Who is standing around a cauldron at the beginning of MacBeth?
    The little girl from that horror movie that always has her hair in her face in the horror movie The Ring.
  2. What happens at the end of Romeo and Juliet?
    The two young lovers ran away with the circus and fed peanuts to elephants for the rest of their lives, until they are both murdered by a chimpanzee with a homicidal tendency.
  3. What was Les Misérables about?
    The life of a woman who was so miserable that she began eating people. Her first victim’s name was Les.
  4. Why did the Phantom wear a mask?
    He took his inspiration from Jim Carrey. They were besties.
  5. Which cat earned the right to go to the Heavyside Lair?
    Grumpy Cat…His face was considered so ugly that it was cute, so he got special privilege.
  6. Chicago wasn’t about women on death row in the 1920s. What was it about?
    Richard Gere’s action of going AWOL from the Navy…
  7. West Side Story was based on which of Shakespeare’s plays?
    Love’s Labour’s Won and Love’s Labour’s Lost – prequel and sequel
  8. Which Disney animated movie turned Broadway musical was inspired by Hamlet?
  9. Sweeny Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street wasn’t about a homicidal barber. What was it about?
    Edward Scissorhands…
  10. Where did The King and I take place?

xoxo, E.M.