Sebastian’s Story – Part 2

If you read my Flash Fiction challenge post from 9/21/2021 hosted by Fandango, I left a bit of a teaser at the end of the post because I wanted to go further. As promised… let’s continue.


Every thought that could come into a little boy’s mind about his “missing” mommy was running like a race car through his brain. She was his world, and Sebastian was hers. She did everything for him and that wired hair dog. The dog had been by his side since his birth, and they were nearly inseparable. If Mommy, Davina rather, left the house with Sebastian, Klaus was sitting with ears on high alert and tail smacking everything it encountered each time they would return from their rare outings. The boy and the dog truly were like one unit functioning together to manipulate and get what they wanted, and they usually exceeded out of Davina’s guilt.

Still, he stood at the window on this Wednesday, and he knew her car should have already graced the driveway. If he knew the minutes, he would have counted them, but he was not old enough to understand time or the concept of seconds, minutes, and hours. Klaus had begun whining to Sebastian a bit, and his ears did not erect so high when the normal schedule started to feel “off”.

‘Gammy will helps…hers always know where Mommy gone’, he says with large tears bawled in his eyes as he leaves the window feeling lost.

Klaus followed with his tail lowered and unwavering as they went to find Gammy, which they found in the kitchen tapping her finger while sitting at the kitchen table with food displayed like a portrait for when Davina arrived home.

‘Oh! Sebastian, let me get your plate for you sweetheart”

Her demeanor showed her worry, but she tried to react as if she was okay for Sebastian’s sake. She sighed with smiles that were poised fakely across her lips. Again, he was young but very smart and advanced for his age. He was only 3, nearly 4 years old, but he picked up on emotions easily. Gammy was not her normal self. She was usually playful and sweet, and it was always genuine. Sebastian could tell that his grandma was feeling just like him.

‘No Gammy…where Mommy go now?’

She thought to herself, ‘If only I knew…I really wish I knew‘, but she said, “She should be here anytime now, babe”.

Sebastian did not buy the reassurance, at all, and he responded, “Not until Mommy eat wif me too, Gammy”.

Gammy, better known to others as Fiona, sat softly in her chair and smiled at him. She understood, and he understood her. She looked at the dog, and even he understood as he wagged his tale towards her gaze. Davina’s night job had her home by 4 a.m. usually, as a bartender at the local club. She took Wednesdays away from the bar to spend with Sebastian, but she did work her morning and evening shift jobs. Her other jobs were a bit of cleaning and working at the local diner. She went house to house and then went right to running table to table. After the shift at the diner, she would change out of her uniform in a gas station bathroom and head to the club named The Verve.

The clock was nearing night fall, about 7 p.m., and Fiona had already called everyone she could. They were unable to get the big blocky cell phones, as they were outside the budget, so they depended on landlines. She was probably thinking about that regretful decision of not making the investment at this moment, especially with as much as Davina was away from home. She really should have been home from her Wednesday evening shift at the diner a long time ago…nearly two hours ago.

As that thought crossed her mind, the landline rang, startling her. She walked to the phone at a fast pace and pulled it close to her ear,


The line was quiet, and she held it closer to her ear, readjusting it to make sure the earpiece was close enough. “Is anybody there?” It was silent.

For my new readers, this is an ongoing story. Here are the previous posts:

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xoxo, E.M.

©E.M. Kingston

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