E.M.’s Answer – #FPQ 136

Fandango’s blog sponsors a prompt called Fandango’s Provocative Question, and this is my first time participating.

This week’s question is:

If you were forced to chose, would you rather live without the internet or live without air conditioning and heating? Why?

My Answer:

As much as I love, desire, want,, and need the internet for daily life, I cannot stand for my body to be too hot or too cold. I think it is worse when things are too hot rather than cold, since you can cover up when you are cold.

Just last week, I actually lost my air conditioning for a little over a day in the Valley of California. While it is on the cooling down stage of our season, it is still too hot outside to open the windows and let in the breeze. We had a bit of chaos with the toxic ones, and they played around and pretended something was wrong with the wiring (they shut the A/C breaker off at the box…). It was really stuffy and humid in the house, and it got so warm that my old, withering body got sick, literally. The positive side of it is that my daughter, granddaughter, and me gathered in my room with every fan we had and got through the night a little less hot than if we would have stayed in our own areas. It was nice to have a little slumber party.

However, concerning the cold, there was a time when I lived in Arkansas that we had a terrible ice storm, and it killed the power for 11 days in the wintertime. I remember the lowest the temperature got in my house was 52 degrees Fahrenheit, which felt very cold for everyone in the house. The positive side to this incident was, like with the air conditioning episode, that we all gathered together for those days with whatever heat source we had and made it work out for us.

Basically, I have a phone to access the things I need outside of my computers that require internet. Temperatures are important to me too *smiles*. Data is different than internet *giggles*