Woes of My Heart

Good morning everyone! Today my word of the day challenges are paper from the Daily Spur, lithography from Word of the Day Challenge, crow from Ragtag’s Daily Prompt, and duplicitous from Fandango’s One Word Challenge. The poetry style I will be using today to write my poem is La’libertas. I will be using them all in one post cohesively while following the style of the stanzas with the Italian couplet…I hope *smiles*. Be sure to go and show these pages some love and visit them.


This woeful heart, stained with blood ink
Pain like the fatty oil, imprint
My heart, the stone, absorbing every hint
The muscle inside, wilting, pink

Not red, unlike the lithography of your actions
Stone and rip my broken, paper heart
As you drag me through the depths
The imprints of your duplicitous behavior
Sets me as prey for the flying crow
Dragging me across the limestone of your tongue

My aura stained, energy spent
Begging, pleading, to rid our link
The repetitive actions stink
Of your tongue, your hands, now repent!

I was not your clay, to mold your way
Only if you knew the damage, the disrespect
My submission, not forced, came freely
As a gift, I gave you all of myself
The woes of my heart are screaming out
The karma that will come…I hope you melt!

i guai del mio cuore sono tutto ciò che provo
nei momenti di solitudine e isolamento, salvami

xoxo, E.M.