My First Flash Fiction Challenge #FFFC

Fandango’s Flash Fiction Challenge is a really cool prompt to get your gears grinding in your creative mind. This is my first one, so I hope you enjoy! Be sure to check out his blog and show him some love while you are there.

Photo credit to Sebastian Czubachowski at

‘Mommy…where are you?’

Sebastian stood there with his nose to the glass as he lingered at the window with his best friend, Klaus. He could not recall how long she had been gone. He just stood there, occasionally glancing over to the dog. Tears were taking shape in his eyes, and his lip began to pucker just a tad. He was young, but he was also very smart. Time was passing, and he thought him and Klaus were all alone. It was almost dinner time.

‘Who will feed and ‘nuggle wif us now?’

The dog looks at him cocking his head to the side a bit at the high pitch of Sebastian’s tone. Sebastian stares back blankly but huffing his breath a bit about to cry. Klaus goes back to looking out the window, without a care in the world it seemed. He knew the other human was in the kitchen making some dinner and was starting to smell the aromas of the food, but the little man was very attached to his busy human.

Sebastian’s mother was the epitome of a rock star. She worked two jobs in the day time and one at night while her mother watched the boy for her. She was gone a lot to put food on the table and to make sure they had a roof over their head. The only days she had with Sebastian were on Wednesdays, and today was that day. Sebastian would wait for it every week like clockwork. Why was today different?

12 thoughts on “My First Flash Fiction Challenge #FFFC

    • Thank you ☺ I may go a little further with it, so I wanted to leave us hanging a little bit. Funny thing is that I did not see the photographer’s name until I checked on my pingback. He looked like a Sebastian to me 🙂

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      • You succeeded leaving us hanging. Interesting coincidence of names. I also am inclined to a dark mood. or at least that say my family when I read them something i write for this challenge. But this time it prevailed the bright part of my imagination.

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