My Light in the Dark

This first word of the day post comes from Daily Spur by Nox, and the word is speaker. This is the first one I am doing for this page, since I have just run across the blog, but I thought of a pretty cool theme around it. Music is my soul, and it gets me through a lot. With that said, here is my post about a speaker.


Whether by phone, hub, tv, or computer

The tones in the music disconnect me from my pain

In the darkness, where no light has been all day

The speaker becomes my light in the dark

I listen and sing, feel my soul connect

Attachment not sudden or immediate

But the flow of my soul glows

My heartbeat slows to a normal pattern

I breathe a little lighter

I huff a little less

One by one the songs play

I become free

For that instance…I feel only me.

In that moment, my light shines

In my red-stained eyes

And my tears dissipate from my cheeks

The speaker saves my life…

xoxo E.M.