Festival: WOTD

People swamp in like rats through the sewage

Cups in hand as they brush across each other

As the chords of music grace their ears

The smell of candied sugar whipped to stick

Corn dogs, turkey legs, lemonade

Beer, insanity, but fun

Dancing, living, and enjoying

Singing and chanting

Socialization at its highest point

It’s a festival of spirit

As much as a gathering of people

It’s a celebration of music

It’s a celebration of unity

It’s a celebration of us


The last festival I had attended was in 2011, and it was in Little Rock, Arkansas. My ex-husband and I had went to Edgefest, and it had a huge turnout. With this pandemic, I miss these kinds of gatherings. I met so many great people, and we were packed to the front like marshmallows in a bag. It got a little scary when turkey legs flew into the air because what goes up…must come down. However, it was one of the greatest moments of my life, and I hope we get back to a point to where we get to enjoy life like that again…without risk of pandemic or sickness.

xoxo E.M.