Anxiety Fog

Sometimes I have a few days or so after bad anxiety attacks that I feel really cloudy and my whole body is sore, and today was one of those days…all thanks to my anxiety fog. Every single time I would try to get up and be productive, my body was fighting me, like it was still asleep and kind of zombie-like in my head.

These days make it hard to write and focus because I just feel so foggy, lingering like a heavy cloud that isn’t sure if it wants to drop rain or roar thunder through the sky. I had every intention on doing my Word of the Day Challenge, and I just couldn’t get the words and expression needed to do a good post.

But, guess what? There is always tomorrow, and life goes on. My intention with this post is to find out if anyone else has these episodes after really crucial anxiety attacks because sometimes it makes it hard to leave my pillow…let alone be a productive member of society (lol). I know that sometimes this can be due to the meds I have to take in combination with the mental fatigue of the attacks, but I always try to reach out to network and create safe spaces for people like me.

Then I also thought that maybe people that do suffer from the fog are not aware that they could be having that happen to them, so I wanted to share the symptoms and information about it.

  • Alicia H. Clark, PsyD, has a great page that tells the symptoms, more information about the causes, and how to overcome the effects of anxiety fog. You can find this information by going to her page by clicking: HERE.

With that said, I hope this post will help someone or be seen by someone who knows someone or other people that suffer from this condition, and I am going to rest my brain and body to be fresh and ready for tomorrow (I HOPE lol).

Have a blessed evening/morning/afternoon (whichever applies),

xoxo E.M.

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