WOTD Challenge: Quirky

I always love these daily challenges that my fellow bloggers put out there for us to stimulate thoughts and creativity, and I am thankful for them on days that it is hard to write something down. Today’s word of the day to inspire us from Cyranny is the word “quirky“.


She is just an average girl of average characteristics. Her hair is short, as well as her temper (some might say). She stands a little under five foot tall with an attitude and personality that was much taller than those scanty inches of her height. The girl had always thought of herself as an awkward person growing up, and as an adult, that idea has still not changed since becoming a the woman she is today.

Awkward…socially awkward”, she often thinks to herself. What does that mean anyway…to be awkward? She is kind of a difficult person and can sometimes say embarrassing things, but she still could not see or ever think of herself as someone who deliberately set out to make people feel uncomfortable or lack grace in her action, as some definitions of the word would suggest. She is just different…maybe a little quirky.

She is mysteriously weird in some situations, and she has her own way about her that makes her persona who it is and will always be. She has always been a bit of a loner (unless she steps outside that comfort zone willingly), and, in social situations, a bit peculiar…even when she wishes to be the social butterfly that can flutter around the room and make people smile. She is eccentric in her personality, taste in music, and in the way her mind wanders and meanders around. She has always her own views that differed outside of societal norms, and although a quiet lady, she can definitely hold her own in a debate for something she believes in.

She almost thrives on being unpredictable, and schedules and organization of daily life has always been chaotic. It works for her though, and she doesn’t mind being the person that does not fit the mold of what everyone else wants her to be.

That girl that is now a woman is quirky, and that girl is me.

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