WP Word of the Day Challenge – Peach

I have always gotten a “kick” out of people saying the phrase, “Everything is just peachy”. This could mean so many things, but in my experience, it’s pure and unadulterated sarcasm.

When we think of a peach, it is fuzzy with that fuzz standing on end, squishy on the inside, and a hard core in the center. That is a great comparison to a human persona and the physical aspects of humanity. When we are nervous or manipulated, our hair stands on end, and our hearts (the squishy part) is fragile and juicy. We cry when we are hurt (cut open), and it all is structured around this core of our being that can either grow another version of ourselves or fail to regrow to a new- blossomed human.

Whenever I say that something is peachy, it’s rarely a good thing and is usually a sarcastic remark to a harmless question of “how have you been?” or “how are you doing?” If things are good, I would say so, and my good vocabulary never involves the word “peachy”. How about you?