None, Some, or One?

If you have one
You’ve only just begun
You don’t wanna jump the gun
Because we are just beginning the fun

It’s better to have something
Because all of nothing is none
Some of something is some
A lot of many things can be a ton

I think…

Time to run!

via Daily Prompt: None


8 thoughts on “None, Some, or One?

  1. Hi E.M., nice poem. πŸ™‚

    It’s amazing the things you can conjour up out of just the numbers one and zero, all or nothing, the extreme limit and the origin, the Omega and the Alpha.

    Science and the Bible both say our Universe started from nothing (Void/darkness) and then there was one thing (Energy according to science and light (=energy) according to the Bible). Then there is another thing; and another; and another… until we have what we see today, one thing at a time.

    Of course zero and one are actually TWO different things and so there are two ways of looking at them/this. Either that zero and one is all there is with nothing in between them (a Duality), or, that zero and one are two extremes with an infinite number of things between them – a spectrum; zero on one side and One on the other and infinite fractions, frequencies, colours, sounds… infinite ‘somethings’ equally spaced between them.

    I’m starting to believe that both views are required in order to give us a meaningful and accurate view of life, the Universe and Everything and that if we only ever see from one side we don’t really get the whole picture. Worse, it causes arguments between us because if you see one you tend not to see the other (our brains are not wired so as to see both ways at the same time) and so cannot agree with someone who sees it the other way, each believing the other has to be in the wrong when both are in fact right viewed from their chosen perspective.


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