I was awoken by a crash of thunder this morning.
It feels like I haven’t slept at all.
I am tired of all the thunder storming.
Can someone please put the rain “on call”?

It’s one of those moments that make my heart race.
I placed my hand over my heart in fear.
The pillowcase is still showing where my head embraced.
The boom was so loud that it graced my eye with a tear.

The lightning clashed with a flash of bright light.
I quickly pulled the blankets over my messy head.
It filled this room with its mighty strobe of white.
Can it just stop now? And let me go back to bed?

I tossed and I turned, and I forced my eyes to close.
It was clear that my body was on defense.
I sighed, and I huffed…and with self-force, I rose.
It seems my desk chair got a good rinse.

I put a blanket on my extremely wet chair.
The window was full-open all night.
I cracked open a Pepsi, and I lit my smoke.
Then I rubbed my eyes until they were open bright.



2 thoughts on “Awoken

  1. सख्ख्या भाऊ बहीण या à  ¨Ã Â¤Â¾Ã Â¤Â¤Ã Â¥ÂÃ¤¯à¤¾à¤‚श䤿वाय सगळी नाती एकदम खोटी- बेगडी असतात : 100% मान्य…एक वेळा मुलाची/ नवऱ्याची मैत्रीण चालवून घेतल्या जाते.. पण मुलीचा मितà¥10f8à¤° किवा बायकोचा मित्र म्हन्तल्या वर अनेक लोकांच्या कपाळावर आठ्या पडतात.. म्हणून कदाचित असली बेगडी नाती अस्तित्वात येत असावीत.. बाकी पोस्ट नेहेमी प्रमाणेच मत जमलीये..


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