The Struggle

Like a broken puzzle in my head

It hurts with pounding fury

Trailing down my neck to despair

Tightening my muscles

Snapping at my tendons like a rubber band

Boom Boom Boom!

This feeling inside my skull

Beating me and defeating me

Why doesn’t it just go away?

Hours of agony

Counting the minutes of anguish

My eyes have joined the party of pain

The light hurts…make it dim!

Loud noises make me cringe

Time to fight back

You won’t get the best of me today

Migraine! Leave my brain!

4 thoughts on “The Struggle

  1. You are a lucky lady then! šŸ™‚ Mine have plagued me since I was in the first grade. I had surgery about a year ago to fix them, but they still show their ugly head every once in a while.


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