A Dedication To Lil’ Chefs


Braids, ponytails, and hair spiked on top
Curly hair, pixie cuts, and even a mohawk
Twirly dresses trimmed in flowery lace
Jeans, shorts, and an apron on stock

Tiny, little human chefs
Wise beyond their years
Wielding a spatula and skillet
It brings me to happy tears

The sight is amazing to see what they can do
Little people with such big, awesome hearts
Cooking for a competition of champions
With their most favorite dish to start

Chopping, dicing, cubing their feast
All with a friendly smile as they stand on their feet
Baking, searing, and even flambé
They are little chefs striving to never be beat

Note From E. M.

I was inspired to write this after watching Master Chef Junior.  I was catching up on episodes on Hulu, and it just hit me to write about such talented little people.  (I think when I was their age, I was lucky to be able to make macaroni & cheese… )  I look forward to catching up on the rest of the episodes, but good luck to all the little chefs cooking their little hearts out on the show.